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Center for the School of the FutureMission Statement

The Center for the School of the Future (CSF) fosters 100% student learning proficiency in CSF client schools so all students are liberated from the constraints of limited opportunity.

Vision Statement

The Center for the School of the Future (CSF) collaborates with education, business and government professionals who are passionate about 100% student proficiency. The nexus of our collaboration is in redesigning learning-outcome oriented systems in support of the professionals in public district and charter schools. These results are achieved with measurable outcome-oriented partnerships with universities, policy makers, private foundations, business professionals and other stakeholders. Our collaboration is animated by our shared passion to cultivate effective and sustainable deployment of research-based learning systems that are known to produce increased learning proficiency in K-12 students.


Our core value is increased student learning as measured by metrics of sustained levels of proficiency. Linked values include:

  • Systems level interventions and solutions.
  • Practices anchored to learning sciences.
  • Decisions and actions grounded in ethics, equity of student learning outcomes, and relevant systems of knowledge.
  • Setting the context for learning proficiency within the broader interests of society.


Parker Fawson
Director of the Center for the School of the Future  
Emma Eccles Jones Endowed Chair in Early Childhood

David Forbush
Associate Director for the Center for the School of the Future